Who are we?

Yes… Who are we, anyway?

We are Sanne and Freek, an enthusiastic creative and a persistent do-it-yourselfer. Two travel and sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and fond of coffee, whiskey and adventure. Always looking for the unknown and exploring the world. Thus, a new project was born. We bought an old 1971 fire truck (a Mercedes-Benz LF 408 G) and then converted it into our `RedHotChiliCamper’.

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About Freek

The technical brains behind this website. Graduated in civil engineering and several years of experience in large civil infra projects in Groningen. From a young age I have always been into technical lego and building scale models. As a little Freek I was tinkering with lego, now 20 years later with no experience in automotive engineering I have completely refurbished the 50 year old engine of our camper van. Altogether, I never sit still. There is always something being built or taken apart…. From building a canopy in our yard to the conversion of our own little house on wheels….

freek en muts

About Sanne

The creative brains behind this website. Graduated in psychomotor therapy, but ended up with her own creative business in illustration and design: Meraki Art. I don’t walk with my sketchbook and pens in my hands, I walk with my drawing iPad or yoga mat.

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camper inrichting
camper inrichting

The conversion of our camper van

In one year, we didn’t just built a camper van, but a real house on wheels. A rolling house that we currently live in, work in and travel the world with. Converting the fire truck was a huge, but awesome project. We have learned a tremendous amount from both constructing the camper van parts and figuring out the technical engine part of the van. We love it. Working on the bus has really become a hobby in which we can both express our creativity.

Read more about the entire building process of the RedHotChiliCamper

Why this website?

While converting our camper van, we found out how much work it is to delve into the different aspects involved in converting your own camper van. It’s a lot of reading up, comparing products and making choices. For example, how do you know how thick your electrical cables should be if your not into electricity at all? So what kind of refrigerators are really interesting to have in a camper van? How do you choose the right insulation material for a camper van? Figuring this out takes a lot of time. Precious time that you could also spend actually converting your van.

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That is why we have set up this website. A website with practical information about converting your camper van consisting of informative blogs with product comparisons and recommendations based on our own experience or obtained knowledge. Here you will find the information we missed while converting our camper van and with this website we hope to save you a lot of effort, time and especially money so you can get started with the building process right away. Because, to be honest, building is still the most fun part!

Do you also want a website for your business, blog, webshop, or whatever? And do you want to be totally uninvolved in building or maintaining the website? We are happy to help you with that. Freek builds and maintains the website for you in addition to having continuous personal contact to talk through your needs. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Affiliate partners

We are affiliate partners with several third-party vendors. As an affiliate partner, we recommend products through the placement and advertising of affiliate links. The products we recommend are based on positive personal experiences or public reviews. Affiliate links allow us to earn a small commission when a product purchase is made through an affiliate link, at no additional cost to you. The price to the consumer always remains the same. So in terms of costs, it doesn’t matter which way the consumer finds and buys the product.

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