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The first steps

The choice has been made, you are going to convert a camper van. But with which bus should you build a camper van? How do you make that choice? You can make the search for your bus more specific by asking yourself, for example, whether you will be choosing a gasoline or diesel bus. In addition, there are countless other points you can think about to come to a good decision and choose the perfect bus for your camper van conversion project.
Once you have purchased a bus, some preparation is required before you can actually begin the build phase. After all, you need good tools, but what tools do you need when converting a camper van?
Before you start outlining your camper van layout, we recommend that you read through the camper van requirements so that you are not faced with surprises during the final inspection. 
In the blog category ‘The first steps‘ you will find the answers to these questions. Have you already gone through these steps? Then it’s time for the build phase.

camper van conversion the first steps

The build phase

The most fun part of the camper van conversion project. Actually building your camper van. If your van is empty when you buy it, the most logical step is to start insulating it. So one of the first parts you get to work with when converting your van is the camper van insulation. How to make the best choice in insulation material and method? What should you pay attention to? Furthermore, in the build phase you can think about what kind of camper van fridge you are going to use, the type gas system, water system and more. You can make your watersystem more advanced by using a water filter system. In the blog category ‘The build phase‘ we would like to help you with this through well-organized blogs with practical and schematic drawings of the various systems.
Of course, our website does not lack the camper electricity blogs. Since we write many blog posts about camper van electricity , we have made a separate blog category for it.

camper van conversion the build phase


Most questions in camper van conversion are asked about camper van electricity. This is because of the many different options and yet the somewhat more complex knowledge involved. It is therefore important to start at the basic knowledge camper electrics. It is essential to understand the basic concepts in order to be able make the right choices with that knowledge. The right choices in the thickness of electrical cables and fuses , for example. In addition, we go into more detail about the different camper van electricity parts. For example, think of charging the camper battery while driving , with shore power or with solar panels. In addition, we go into more specific detail about the components needed for this, such as battery chargers and inverters. We want to make the camper van electricity section easily understandable by using clear schematic drawings, which you will often see reflected in the blog category ‘Electricity‘. Finally, it is time for the completion of the camper van conversion project.

camper van conversion electricity

The completion

The completion of your camper van conversion project. This includes, for example, the final inspection of the camper van. What are the camper van requirements that your camper van must meet? You can think about the specific requirements that apply to camper vans, but also the somewhat more complex requirements that apply to swivel chairs in the camper van. We’ve made this into easy-to-read blog posts to give you clarity and understanding of the camper van requirements set by the RDW and Dutch Tax Office
Then it is time to furnish your camper van. Which camper van gadgets are indispensable when living/traveling with an camper van? How can you earn money while travelling to finance your trip? We now have extensive experience living in an camper van and can give you some great tips! 
You’ll find these blogs in the last camper van conversion blog category: ‘The completion‘.

camper van conversion the completion

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